Bag Care


• You don't want your bag to look tired and mouldy, so when you are not using it, store it in a bright, airy and dry place.

• Dark and humid places are best avoided as this will cause moulds to grow on leather bags while those made from synthetic material will deteriorate faster.

• To keep your bag in shape, dont keep it empty while storing it away. Stuff it up with some paper and protect it with a cloth/dust bag. Even when you dont intend to use your bag for some time, bring it out to air every once in a while.

• Airing it, however, does not mean leaving your bag under strong and direct sunlight for long periods. Besides fading, your bag material will dry out and crack.


Keeping Clean

Sometimes it may be tempting to give your bag a wash, but refrain from doing so if you dont want watermarks, the colour to run or other damage to the material.

• Instead spruce it up by using a soft and mildly damp cloth to clean out dirt.

• Alternatively, if your bag is made of leather or synthetic PU, use a leather cream. For PU materials, a household windex cleaner works too.

• Some stains such a makeup, food and ink are difficult to remove, so try to take care that your bags don't come into contact with them.

• If your bags have metal detailing, keep it shiny like new by polishing with a soft dry cloth. Very importantly, make sure that these areas do not get wet or come into contact with hairspray or perfume if you dont want to see unsightly rust to appear.