About Us

Perllini - The City & Me

Born and bred in the city, she celebrates the colour and vibrance of cosmopolitan life and enjoys this most in the close company of good friends. Perfectly happy to be part of its urban rhythm, together they explore the city and seek its newest inspirations. There is a special quality about her that makes her blend in yet assert her distinctive personality at the same time. 

As she honours substance as much as she would style, she chooses her bags with care. She is in tune with fashion, never loses sight of quality, believes in practicality and seeks affordability.

Perllini who has made a name for itself as a line of trendy, well-designed bags are her favourite label. With a high frequency of monthly launches, there’s never a lacking in variety and, with prices that won’t hurt her purse strings, there’s no stopping her having a closet full of “friends” to go explore the city with!


Mel accessories - A new me every day 

Expression is her middle name. There’s always a signature of her persona in her endeavours. You can’t pin her down to a stereotype simply because she’s a unique package unto herself! If you spot one in your midst, that’s a Mel girl you’re looking at. 

Her exuberance for life is matched by Mel’s creative renditions to the lady’s handbag. Big on style and liberal in detailing, Mel bags stand out just as much as the independent ladies who are attracted to them. Another trait that characterises the Mel bag is its size. They are designed to be especially roomy because the ladies who use them have a myriad of activities to fill their days. 

With its rising popularity, Mel has extended its creative forays into ladies’ accessories in recent years. With a line comprising sunglasses, costume jewellery, scarves and its signature charms, certainly there’s every opportunity for a Mel girl to step out and show a new side of her every day